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Hi there, I’m Ansophie Wight, a Certified BWRT® (BrainWorking Recursive Technique®) Practitioner
and I am passionate about helping people live the best lives they possibly can,
free from debilitating personal issues and other problems.

My fascination with the human psyche began at age 9 when I read a book about hypnotherapy. This was the start of a lifelong passion to learn and understand more about this field of study. When I discovered BWRT® I realised I could use this knowledge to help other people.

Being trained as a Certified BWRT® Practitioner provided me with the opportunity to facilitate people who are looking for emotional freedom and clarity of mind.

I have had great success using BWRT® to help people with all kinds of fears like a fear of flying, fear of the dentist, fear of the dark, fear of spiders and snakes, fear of intimacy and many others.

I have also had hugely successful outcomes using BWRT® with clients who needed help with stress, anxiety, dealing with traumatic events in the past, grief, anger and many other challenges.

With BWRT® the focus is ultimately to help a person be freed from whichever personal challenge, habit or problem he or she has.

I completed BWRT® Level 1 in 2014 and Level 2 in 2015 under the mentorship of leading therapist Rafiq Lockhat and BWRT® creator and therapist Terence Watts in Cape Town.

I feel deeply privileged to have had this opportunity to learn about such a revolutionary technique in order to help other people become the best version of themselves and lead the best lives they possibly can.

I have been practicing as a BWRT® Certified Practitioner since then and have been working with many clients and many different issues.

I will never grow tired of the immense personal joy I experience every time I witness how quickly and effectively BWRT® releases people from their emotional prisons and providing them with long-term benefits to their health and well-being.

I am a certified member of The British Brainworking Research Society and The Terence Watts BWRT® Institute.

In order to provide my clients with the best possible assistance I regularly attend as many Continuous Professional Development workshops, seminars, lectures, and training sessions as I possibly can.

I consider myself a lifelong student and firmly believe in ‘being in the present’ as a key to success — a tenet that I live out through my interests by continuing my studies of BWRT®, meditation, nutrition and exercise. I also follow many inspirational speakers and authors such as Terence Watts, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Bruce Lipton and many others.

BWRT® helps so many people in so many different ways. I can’t wait to witness what BWRT® would be able to do for you.

Book your BWRT® session with me today and experience first-hand how this ground-breaking technique can change your life forever.

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