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NOTE: some names have been omitted to protect client privacy

“I went to see Ansophie so she could help me overcome my fear of water. I’ve been for a few swimming lessons, but the thought of swimming in open water left me scared and anxious, so much so that I struggled to breathe during my first attempt. Ansophie used BWRT® to help me overcome my fear and since then, I’ve taken part in many open water swim races and have recently completed my very first 70.3 Ironman. Without Ansophie’s help this would not have been possible.”  

- Knysna, South Africa

I started Brain Works [BWRT®]  with Ansophie well over a year ago. I was so desperate to work on repetitive debilitating patterns that almost haunted me, and, as we all know, the more they play the bigger and stronger the noise becomes. My path of self-discovery and awakening has always been paramount in my life – as the saying goes “HEALTHY MIND = HEALTHY BODY.” 

- Cape Town, South Africa

“As a victim of domestic violence, my experience with therapy has been long, repetitive, and expensive before BWRT®. After meeting with Ansophie Wight, I was able to sleep with my bedroom door unlocked and be in the same room as the person who previously led me to feeling very fearful. I am now a strong survivor that has the strength to fight him in court and got him a conviction. Ansophie was instrumental in finding me my strength again. Thank you so much.”

“Nothing comes without the price of an effort, so this BWRT® technique needs absolute honesty and commitment whilst doing the work, but for sure it’s worth it.”

I was working with a very powerful healer at the time, and she referred me to Ansophie. 

We worked on some very old patterns that have held me back so much in my life. I can honestly say the outcome was very positive, I felt I tapped back into the power that has always been there, it has shifted me and given me so much more courage and tools in my life to work with.”

“Ansophie is also a Law of Attraction guru; she is well versed in the teaching of Esther Hicks which can only but benefit this work. I loved Brain Works [BWRT®] and highly recommend it.” 

“My panic was so overwhelming I would have to schedule dental appointments after hours so my wailing and tears would not disturb other patients. With Ansophie’s help I can now control my fears.  My local dentist was impressed by the change (and happy he doesn’t have to stay after hours for me anymore). ”

- Holly, FL.,USA - Skype Consultation

“I had one BWRT® session with Ansophie because my anxiety levels were high and I constantly felt chest tightness, making it difficult to focus on my day to day life. During the session I felt the tightness lifting and my mind stopped racing.  The results have lasted and I am able to focus on life again.” 

- Angie, Knysna, South Africa